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We have a passion for gaming that has evolved into a dedication to fan projects aimed at bringing the iconic BMW M3 GTR from the NFS series to life. Our commitment to this project stems from our love for gaming and the NFS series, and we aim to make the dream of driving the legendary BMW M3 GTR a reality for fellow fans.

The song “Do Ya Thang” was a part of the game’s soundtrack and contributed to the overall atmosphere. It was used in-game sequences and enhanced the gaming experience for many players. It’s worth noting that the soundtracks of NFS games have always been an important element of the series, bringing a variety of musical genres to complement the racing and action atmosphere.

Ultimately, the success or appreciation of a particular music track in a video game depends on the individual preferences of players and how well it fits with the overall gaming experience.

However, “Do Ya Thang” was a massive success for the series, and the artists are still widely listened to even today.

The BMW M3 GTR’s appearance in “Most Wanted” contributed significantly to its iconic status, and it remains a symbol of the series’ history. Many NFS enthusiasts continue to have a deep appreciation for this car, making it one of the most iconic vehicles in the NFS franchise.

But why many people wanted to recreate this car in real life? Well this is the reason: “The reason why BMW stopped to build more road versions of the BMW M3 E46 GTR is due to a change of rules for the 2002 ALMS Championship. BMW were meant to build 100 street legal BMW M3 E46 GTR and 1000 P60B40 V8 engines but they scrapped the street legal program because it was too expensive.”

In total, only 10 of these cars were ever made.

Vibe Makers

Each song in the “Need for Speed” series has the potential to make a significant impact on players, and their diversity in genres and relevance to the gameplay keeps fans listening from one title to the next.


NFS Most Wanted 2005


NFS Payback




NFS Unbound

Need For Speed: Most Wanted (2005) It may seem predictable to give Most Wanted the crown for the best Need for Speed game, but it often places first on these lists for a good reason. It's just the best game in the series. And thanks to the iconic and legendary car.

Most Wanted sold over 16 million copie

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More than 100+ in each game




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